Gret Haller
The Limits of Atlanticism
Perceptions of state, nation and religion in Europe and the United States
Berghahn Books, Oxford / New York, 2007
ISBN 978-1-84545-318-3 / 1-84545-318-2
Original in German:
Die grenzen der Solidarität
Europa und die USA im Umgang mit Staat, Nation und Religion
Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin 2002
I Due Occidenti
Stato, nazione e religione in Europa e negli Stati Uniti
Fazi Editore, Roma 2004
ISBN 88-8112-525-0
Granice Solidarnosti
Evropa i SAD u ophođenju sa državom, nacijom i religijom
buybook, Sarajevo 2006
ISBN 9958-630-86-9
Book review in Political Studies Review
Volume 7, Issue 1, published online December 2, 2008 by Guy Lancaster
Abstract in English